All Users Now Have Access to Our New & Improved Reporting Center!


Starting January 29th, 2024, all GeoWealth platform users have access to the New Reporting Center! Simply navigate to the Reporting Center via the platform navigation ribbon to see the new reports and functionality.

In the Reporting Center, you will see two new tabs: Available Reports and Prepared Reports. If you would like to schedule a tutorial of the New Reporting Center or have any questions or feedback, please contact your GeoWealth Strategic Consultant.

REMINDER: Reporting Center walkthrough videos are available here.

Available Reports

Available Reports is the new access point to generate reports at a global level and client level, create custom reports across available modules for repeated use, and preview report samples. All reports are indexed and categorized within a table to allow users to easily search and sort for reports.

Prepared Reports

Prepared Reports is the new access point to download and view all generated client and global reports. You can easily sort or delete any prepared reports that include a date and time stamp of generation.

Create New Custom Report

The Create New Custom Report button allows users permissioned to build their own report templates to launch into the Custom Report Builder to create customized blends of client-facing reports for repeated use. Once saved, any Custom Reports will populate in the All Available Reports table.

3 New Reporting Center

New Features

Redesigned PDFs

We’ve improved the design of client report PDF outputs. You can review sample outputs by selecting the ‘Preview’ PDF icon for the desired report.

XLSX Ouput

If addition to PDFs, you can now generate all reports in XLSX output. You can review sample outputs by selecting the ‘Preview’ XLSX icon for the desired report.

Save Favorites

You can now Favorite your go-to reports for easy access by selecting the ‘Favorite’ star under the ‘Add’ icon in the ‘All Available Reports’ table. This will add the report to the ‘Favorites’ table on the right-side of the screen.

New Report Types

Brand New Report Types

Asset Class Comparison
Report on the asset allocation for a single period or choose two separate time periods for comparison.
See sample report.

Projected Cash Flow
Report on the projected monthly income from dividends by a position for the next year.
See sample report.

Performance by Asset Class
Report on performance by asset class for up to six periods with the option to include an Asset Allocation chart.
See sample report.

Position Performance Summary
Report on position-level performance for up to five time periods.
See sample report.

Portfolio Risk Stats
Report on the metrics that measure the risk (Beta) and correlation (Standard Deviation) of the selected target as compared to up to five indices.
See sample report.

Enhanced Report Types

Improvements to Existing Reports

We’ve enhanced our existing reports that have been previously available in the Legacy Reporting Center to provide increased flexibility for report customizations to create your ideal report output.

Select the title of each report listed below to expand the box and see details on the enhancements:


  • Customize the report through column selection of up to 11 columns
  • Choose the order of selected columns
  • Group by Household, Client, or Portfolio in addition to grouping by Account
  • Group holdings by Asset Class, Sub Asset Class, or Sector
  • Report holdings at Account or Portfolio level
  • Include one or more charts (Asset Allocation, Sub Asset Allocation, Top 10 Holdings by Sector)

Performance Summary

  • Report up to 3 periods in the Overview
  • Include a benchmark return table for up to 10 indices

Position Performance Detail

  • Position Performance Detail used to be called Position Performance Summary
  • Customize the report through column selection
  • Choose the order of selected columns


  • Single Transactions report replaces 6 separate legacy reports
  • Customize the report through column selection of up to 11 columns
  • Choose the order of selected columns
  • Include one or more transaction summaries
  • Filter transactions by Category or Type

Flow of Funds

  • The Flow of Funds report includes a summary of start value, end value, net investment, investment gain, and investment return (Time Weighted Rate of Return) since Inception. The report may be configured to display data year over year, month over month or combined monthly and annual.
  • Include one or more charts (Growth of $1000, Value vs. Net Investment)

Portfolio Performance

  • Choose the portfolio type(s) to report
  • Choose up to 5 index returns to include

Model Drift

  • Model Drift used to be called Portfolio Drift
  • Visualization of drift by instrument, asset class, or sleeve
  • Grouping options for drift detail by position
  • Customize the report through column selection of up to 11 columns, including weight, yield, asset class, and sector
  • Choose the order of selected columns

IRR Option

  • You now have a Performance Calculation Methodology option for IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
  • Account Breakdown
  • Portfolio Breakdown
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Sleeve Performance

Enhanced Report Generation Options

Additional Options When Generating Reports

• Detailed descriptions available for each report
• Additional filtering, grouping, charting, table selection and ordering options
• Ability to save default report parameters for each report
• Expanded Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) vs. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) performance selections

Prepared Reports Tab

Easily Access Newly Generated and Previously Generated Reports

Prepared Reports’ is the new access point to view and download reports generated from the ‘Available Reports’ tab. This tab will reflect a rollup of all reports generated at the global, household, client, account, or portfolio level. Reports generated directly from the new ‘Reports’ tab at the household, client, account, or portfolio level will also be displayed in the ‘Prepared Reports’ tab.

Access Reports from Contact Level

Access Reports For Households, Clients, Accounts & Portfolios

A new ‘Reports’ tab is also available at the contact level within the navigation ribbon for each Household, Client, Account, and Portfolio. This tab allows you to access a search bar containing all available reports and custom report templates to generate at the desired level. Generated reports are saved directly to the contact’s reports tab and also are available in the Reporting Center’s Prepared Reports tab.

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