Back Office

Before hiring an entire back office, consider hiring us.

An advisor or a firm can grow only as fast as their back office can support them. In a world where the needs of clients seem to grow exponentially, GeoWealth’s holistic back office provides you and your firm the scalability to grow by easing the burden on your current back office and allowing you to focus on attracting new clients and growing your firm.


Fully integrated platform allows for a streamlined, efficient back office

Able to work with a firm or advisor on ways to reduce back office overhead costs

GeoWealth’s platform is custodian (and broker/dealer) agnostic since we are able to integrate with your current provider to ensure firm continuity

All trading and billing handled by GeoWealth

Support for account opening and cashiering activity

CRM overlay allows advisors to work with and monitor relationship managers



One platform for all of your needs


Custodian agnostic


A la carte menu of back office support


Allows for reduced overhead

GeoWealth Solutions

GeoWealth addresses real-life problems financial advisors face in their day-to-day operations.

Here are just a few.



Advisors caught up in day-to-day client servicing.

GeoWealth back office support alleviates multiple pain points for advisors and frees up more time.

Trading, billing, and complicated rebalances take too much time.

Firms and advisors can elect for GeoWealth to handle all trading and billing – our UMH based rebalancing and billing services put the burden on us and not you.

Firm profitability cut by high overhead costs.

Back office support from GeoWealth reduces overhead and allows for more efficiencies in order to scale your business.