Client Prospecting / Proposal Generation

Manage your pipeline efficiently.

In what is typically one of the first steps for many in the wealth management life cycle, GeoWealth’s Advisor Platform gives individuals and firms alike the ability to manage a book of prospects and effectively communicate a proposed course of action with an investment proposal tailored exclusively with a unique client in mind. Building off of the foundation GeoWealth’s CRM provides, client prospecting and proposal generation becomes second nature to you and your firm.


CRM overlay allows for efficient management of a prospects pipeline

Provides full integration with a firm and advisor’s investor policy statement (IPS) and risk profile/questionnaire

Proposal is comprised of multiple components that can be added or subtracted a la carte during the document generation

Intuitive proposal gives advisors the ability to compare and contrast a proposed allocation versus a current allocation

Analysis on a proposed portfolio shows a client their performance during historically volatile periods

Provides a platform for educating clients on your investment management philosophy



State-of-the-art proposal generation capabilities

with built-in investor policy statement


Ability to compare and contrast existing versus optimal / recommended client allocation


Fully customizable proposals


Accommodation of external investment products / vehicles into the proposed client allocation


Stress test analytics for a proposed portfolio

GeoWealth Solutions

GeoWealth addresses real-life problems financial advisors face in their day-to-day operations.

Here are just a few.



Cannot effectively manage your prospects.

GeoWealth CRM allows a firm or advisor to build a searchable, customizable database where your prospects’ wallet-share opportunities are always a click away.

Clients don’t get value from generic proposals.

GeoWealth proposals are uniquely designed for an individual client experience. Sections can be added or subtracted based upon a client’s needs. The entire proposal is driven from the questionnaire that a client has taken – and will show the difference between a current and proposed allocation.

Clients cannot understand the risks in their proposed allocation.

GeoWealth’s proposal clearly outlines the risk level in a client’s proposed allocation by including the questionnaire the client took so an advisor can review and explain a proposed allocation. It’s an ideal opportunity to educate clients and address portfolio expectations.