Make sure your clients’ needs are being met daily.

Our fully integrated CRM gives advisors and firms the ability to effectively manage prospects and existing clients throughout the wealth management lifecycle. Our cloud-based CRM acts as a central integration point to address client prospecting, proposal generation, portfolio construction and rebalancing, client reporting, ongoing client servicing, and holistic enterprise management.


Functionality allows advisors to address all required stages of client communication, interaction, and service

Advisor dashboard allows for a holistic view of an advisor’s practice. This tool enables greater efficiency and scalability in managing and expanding your business

Client dashboard integrates advanced client servicing with open architecture portfolio management and reporting in a single interface

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for shared email, tasks, and calendar items to be automatically tagged to client households



Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook


Comprehensive advisor work queue

(alerts, calendar, mailbox, tasks, and opportunities)


Customizable advisor dashboard

(client cash swings, client performance, advisor AUM, rebalance calendar, etc.)


Cutting-edge client dashboard interface


Advanced contact management and search functionality


Cloud-based document storage

GeoWealth Solutions

GeoWealth addresses real-life problems financial advisors face in their day-to-day operations.

Here are just a few.



Tracking prospect pipeline in an Excel spreadsheet is inefficient.

GeoWealth’s CRM allows advisors to track a large book of prospects in a data-rich and easily sortable and searchable format.

Advisors have difficulty tracking client performance using outdated portfolio accounting and reporting systems.

Our CRM gives advisors a clean and simple way to review performance on a household basis – all within the same CRM platform.

Advisors track client communication and documents through multiple web based applications and internal servers.

GeoWealth’s cloud-based platform combines the client management aspects of a CRM with the integration of a wealth management platform – all on one system.