Portfolio Construction

Portfolio building blocks.

The construction of a client’s portfolio is an integral part of the wealth management life cycle. GeoWealth’s intuitive portfolio construction tools give advisors and firms the functionality they need to construct sophisticated portfolios for their clients. GeoWealth’s Unified Managed Household (UMH) technology allows for an advisor to build and invest an allocation across an entire household.


Open-architecture structure allows for combining multiple product types within a single asset class

+ Supported asset classes include individual securities, ETFs, mutual funds, model portfolios, independent money managers and alternative investments

Unique UMH capability allows for highly customizable portfolios

+ Provides the ability to implement core satellite model portfolios

+ Allows multiple investment goals, third party money managers, and investment strategies within a single account or across a household

+ Portfolio construction process allows for tax-efficient allocation of client assets across multiple accounts within a household



Open architecture portfolio management technology


Cutting-edge UMH capability


Advanced model implementation and trading execution


Model portfolio construction

available directly through GeoWealth CRM interface

GeoWealth Solutions

GeoWealth addresses real-life problems financial advisors face in their day-to-day operations.

Here are just a few.



Advisors struggle to efficiently build a client portfolio.

GeoWealth’s open-architecture platform gives advisors the tools they need to craft a sophisticated portfolio for their client base.

Advisors cannot effectively analyze a custom-designed portfolio.

GeoWealth provides on-the-fly summary statistics on custom portfolios for instant analysis.

Advisors can’t fit/build portfolios with multiple asset classes and security types.

GeoWealth’s open-architecture portfolio construction tools allow advisors to build portfolios with different asset classes as well as different security types (individual equities, ETFs, etc.) – all within a single household.