Portfolio Monitoring / Reporting

Monitoring and reporting solutions.

Unified Managed Household (UMH) reporting allows firms and advisors to show clients performance in a new light: model portfolio performance spread across multiple accounts within a household and independent strategy performance spread across multiple accounts. With GeoWealth UMH reporting, advisors and clients are able to instantly see and analyze performance for multiple allocations spread across multiple accounts in a single household.


Reporting engine is customizable however a firm would like – we have the ability to be as light or thorough as your firm needs

Performance for multiple strategies across multiple accounts within those households that can be viewed daily on our web-based platform

Summary statistics calculated “on-the-fly” for strategic asset allocations, as well as for advisor-created investment products

Client dashboard portfolio reporting allows advisors to access all portfolios related to a household in one place



True UMH reporting


Customizable reporting


Availability of advanced summary statistics


Seamless integration with client dashboard

via GeoWealth CRM

GeoWealth Solutions

GeoWealth addresses real-life problems financial advisors face in their day-to-day operations.

Here are just a few.



Performance reporting is limited to one strategy per account.

GeoWealth’s UMH platform allows for performance metrics on multiple strategies and asset classes across a single account or spread across a household.

Reporting functionality cannot handle the complexities of your client’s investments.

GeoWealth’s reporting breaks down a client’s performance into an easy to understand format for allocations that span across an entire household.

Analysis of customized allocations are too difficult to calculate.

Summary statistics are available for both existing and customized allocations. Research on custom allocations has never been easier.

Difficult to calculate allocation performance on the fly.

GeoWealth’s cloud-based platform with included CRM overlay ensures you are always able to get up-to-date information about a client’s performance.