Case Studies

Dive into case studies of GeoWealth clients to learn about the different ways we can support your firm. Our solutions are flexible and customizable, which means we can engage with you on your terms. We meet RIAs where they are, regardless of size or scale.

Moving from an Expensive, Outdated TAMP


This independent RIA was growing quickly, but their TAMP couldn’t keep up with their demands, plus it was too expensive. By switching to GeoWealth, this RIA was able to save over $150,000 per year, which it could then reinvest in growing and marketing the firm.

Outsourcing Key Operational Roles to a TAMP


This RIA partnership was growing fast, adding a handful of advisors in a short time. But key staff was getting bogged down with trading and operations, so they couldn’t focus on prospecting. The RIA decided to engage GeoWealth instead of hiring in-house staff to run the day-to-day workflows.

Corporate RIA Finds Lightning Fast TAMP


This multi-office Corporate RIA needed help standardizing operations and investment offerings, plus its current TAMP wasn’t providing the white-glove, responsive service that was promised when the contract was signed. By transitioning to GeoWealth, this enterprise found efficiency and cost savings.

Why More AUM and Top-line Revenue Can Lead to Lower Profit Margins


On average, 20% of households produce 75% of a firm’s revenue. However, every household and account incurs an operational cost burden. Utilizing an outsourced trading partner can reduce marginal costs and improve profitability.

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