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Addressing the most common questions that we get from advisors and asset managers. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Go ahead and submit your questions directly to our team here:

What is a TAMP?

A TAMP is a Turnkey Asset Management Platform. TAMPs use technology to maintain and trade model portfolios on behalf of advisors in their client accounts. Middle and back-office functions are also part of a TAMP’s service model, including billing, performance reporting, reconciliation, and aggregation. GeoWealth’s proprietary TAMP was built specifically to help RIAs scale fast and spend more time on their clients.

You can learn more about TAMPs here: What is a TAMP?

What differentiates GeoWealth from other TAMPs?

GeoWealth uses its own proprietary technology to operate as a TAMP, resulting in a more integrated, intuitive advisor experience and very competitive pricing.  GeoWealth also focuses exclusively on the RIA market, providing a higher degree of flexibility and customization than is offered by some of the older, legacy solutions in the market.

You can explore an overview of GeoWealth’s depth and breadth of solutions here: GeoWealth Overview

Who can benefit from the GeoWealth platform?
  • Independent Advisors
  • Advisors in Transition
  • Corporate RIAs & Home Offices
  • Asset Managers
  • You can learn more about the firms we can support here: Who We Serve
Does it matter what custodian I use?

GeoWealth has established data and trading connectivity with Charles Schwab, Fidelity, BNY Mellon Pershing, Goldman Sachs Custody Solutions, Axos Advisor Services, and Raymond James.

How are trades executed?

All model trades are submitted as block orders via FIX connections at the custodian. Best execution and compliance practices are adhered to. Model-level trades affecting all clients accounts in a given model are submitted via the GeoWealth Manager Portal. Single account maintenance trades are submitted by advisors via the GeoWealth Service Center. Examples of single account maintenance trades include: new investment, inject cash, raise cash, systematic withdrawl, auto invest, and dollar cost averaging.

What GeoWealth resources will support my firm?

All GeoWealth client firms are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will coordinate transitions, trainings, and ongoing consulting on best practices in leveraging the GeoWealth solution. Additionally, the Advisor Services team is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to provide immediate service to advisor inquiries.

You can learn more here: Training & Support for Advisors

What are GeoWealth’s fees?

All GeoWealth contracts are custom to each firm we work with and terms are based firm characteristics and service needs.  GeoWealth’s fee can be pulled directly from client accounts or invoiced to the firm. Very often, tiered pricing with breakpoints are worked into GeoWealth contracts.

You can request a custom pricing proposal here: Request Pricing Information

What managers and models are available on the GeoWealth platform?
  • GeoWealth’s platform allows for the seamless delivery of both advisor-managed and third-party model portfolios, or a combination of the two. We have flexible Unified Managed Account (UMA) and sleeving functionality, allowing advisors to maintain cash and client-directed positions as distinct sleeves in the same account as other managed models.
  • Our expansive Model Marketplace Menu ensures that advisors have access to industry leading asset managers and investment strategies, including SMA and UMAs across virtually all asset classes.
  • Our Investment Management team handles due diligence and monitoring of strategies included in the Model Marketplace Menu. Strategies are evaluated on an annual basis to determine ongoing inclusion in the Model Marketplace Menu.

You can request the latest list of strategists and strategies here: Model Marketplace Request

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