What Does GeoWealth Do For RIAs?

GeoWealth TAMP Overview

A quick look into everything GeoWealth offers your RIA across advisor technology, portfolio solutions, back office services, and training support.

Advisor Technology

Our integrated, purpose-built technology platform provides a holistic solution that will assist you throughout every stage of the wealth management life cycle, available 24/7 through cloud access. We offer both advisor portals and client portals, all branded to your firm.

Advisor Dashboard

Your customizable landing page, highlighting key data upon login

Household View

Detailed views into your client households, accounts, and portfolios

Contact Directory

Manage contact information, set tasks and alerts, view event calendar

Service Center

Submit one-off or recurring trade requests to our trading desk

Model Center

Research and compare models and UMA models, or generate a proposal

Reporting Center

Create custom performance reports or access report templates

Resource Center

Organize your content with folders for documents, videos, and more

Mobile App

Private-labeled apps for advisors and clients to use on the go

Custom Workflows

Design custom request types for advisors to communicate to your Home Office

Client Portal

Branded interface for your clients to view their accounts, holdings and performance

Private-labeled TAMP

Branded TAMP for Corporate RIAs / Home Offices seeking to standardize operations

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Portfolio Solutions

GeoWealth’s TAMP allows for the seamless delivery of both advisor-managed and third-party model portfolios, or a combination of the two. Our investment technology provides firms with the tools they need to build compliant and scalable solutions while staying ahead of their clients’ unique needs. Plus, we offer OCIO solutions and Investment Consulting Services.

Advisor-Managed Models

Making your portfolios tech-enabled, with efficient rebalancing

Third-party Models

A broad marketplace of models from industry-leading asset managers


UMA / Sleeving

Flexible Unified Managed Account (UMA) capability for reporting and billing

Tax Management

Tax loss harvesting and tax transition services at scale

Risk Scoring

Risk-based questionnaire uses a proprietary algorithm to determine profile

Proposal Center

Complete risk scoring and generate customized investment proposals


Investment Policy Statement

Repeatable and compliant documentation of client risk and model selections.

Outsourced Middle Office

Rebalancing and trading at scale, plus composite reporting

Custodian Agnostic

Established data and trading connectivity with most custodians.

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Services & Support

In a world where the needs of clients seem to grow exponentially, GeoWealth’s holistic offering provides you and your firm the scalability to grow by easing the burden on your in-house back office and allowing you to focus on attracting new clients and growing your business.


Generate custom reports or access templates in our Reporting Center


Data files from custodians are processed and reconciled daily


Efficiently report on custodial and held-away accounts like 401(k)s & 529s


Billing engine is equipped to handle your schedule, then upload to custodians


Submit one-off or recurring trade requests in our Service Center, then monitor status

Composite Reporting

We make the complex simple by offering composite portfolio reporting

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Advisor Training & Resources

We’re your partner, not just your platform. We support your firm and your advisors to and through onboarding, we custom tailor our platform training plan for your specific needs, and we stay by your side as you grow.

Relationship Manager

Dedicated team to help you to and through transition, plus ongoing training

Custom Training Program

Training your stakeholders to ensure they get the most out of the platform

Ongoing Support

Remaining engaged with your firm as your needs grow and evolve

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How will my firm benefit from using a TAMP?

GeoWealth’s TAMP can benefit RIAs of any size by offering greater scale and efficiency. Our customizable platform means that we can meet your firm wherever you are, and we can grow along with you.
Innovative Technology
Our proprietary platform means your RIA is operating on integrated, intuitive technology. We are continuously innovating and rolling out new platform features.

Flexible Investments
Our next-generation TAMP supports advisor-managed and third-party models, with the ability to construct portfolios and generate proposals. Our proprietary portfolio accounting system supports UMA and portfolio sleeves with ease.

Facilitating Scale
We support RIAs that have adopted the mindset of outsourcing non-revenue generating processes so they can focus on relationship management and client acquisition.

Reinforcing Your Brand
Our proprietary, white-labelable technology allows you to reinforce your RIA’s brand through the portal and mobile app, ensuring your clients have an immersive, branded experience.

GeoWealth is the TAMP for RIAs


If you’d like to learn more about how GeoWealth can help transform your business and enable you to scale faster, reach out to our team. We’re happy to consult with you on your particular situation and answer any questions you may have about outsourcing your technology, investment management, or back office.

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