GeoWealth’s Private-label TAMP 

A private-label TAMP can make a world of difference for Corporate RIAs and Home Offices seeking to streamline investment management and standardize operations. GeoWealth’s TAMP was tailor-made for firms to white-label and offer to clients under their own brand.

Supercharging Your Home Office’s Managed Account Platform

Leveraging a white-label TAMP solution can help drive enterprise growth and advisor retention for Corporate RIAs and Home Offices. However, legacy TAMP operators weren’t typically able to offer this service in a cost-effective or flexible way. This is where GeoWealth stands out.

Corporate RIAs want to attract and retain advisors while also enhancing profitability and driving growth. A private-label TAMP offering can help achieve these goals.

For modern firms, GeoWealth’s white-label TAMP can help to:

  • Monetize proprietary model programs
  • Streamline operations and improve efficiency
  • Improve advisor satisfaction with enhanced service and support

Unfortunately, most legacy TAMPs are dropping the ball in flexibility, cost, and service. Let’s dive into why GeoWealth’s TAMP is different from the incumbents and well-suited to Home Office uses.

New Solutions to Old Problems


Traditionally, TAMP platforms have been both cumbersome to navigate, and too rigid for advisors to adapt to their unique needs.

The GeoWealth Difference: GeoWealth’s open architecture, flexible UMA offering supports Rep as Portfolio Manager, SMAs, and client-directed positions, all in the same account. Our platform seamlessly integrates trading, reporting, billing and aggregation workflows, allowing advisors to intuitively navigate the solutions they need.


Legacy TAMP providers are notorious for poor service, which lead to frustration for advisors, as well as additional work, headaches, and potential operational costs for Home Office team members.

The GeoWealth Difference: We built our service model to provide concierge support to firms of all sizes. All firms are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager, who will be intimately familiar with the firm, its operating structure, and its advisors.


Because many legacy TAMP providers pass on third-party technology licensing and operational fees to their users, they’re too expensive to help Corporate RIAs attain desired profit margins.

The GeoWealth Difference: At GeoWealth, we utilize our own proprietary technology to operate our TAMP. The savings from not having to pay any technology licensing fees, along with the efficiencies gained from operating our own technology, make our platform extremely cost competitive.

GeoWealth’s Private-label TAMP for Home Offices

Empowering enterprises to improve profitability and the advisor experience

By keeping costs much lower than traditional TAMPs, enabling investment and operational flexibility, and providing an unparalleled service model, GeoWealth makes a private-label TAMP solution a competitive advantage for Home Offices and Corporate RIAs.

If you’re ready to make a change, reach out to our team to schedule a demo and talk through your firm’s needs.

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