Portfolio Solutions

Tech-Enabled Asset Management

GeoWealth’s TAMP allows for the seamless delivery of both advisor-managed and third-party model portfolios. In a world with heightened compliance, it can be challenging for a firm to implement a scalable and repeatable solution, without compromising sophistication - and that's why they turn to GeoWealth. GeoWealth’s investment technology provides firms with the tools they need to stay ahead of their clients' unique needs.

The days of having a unique allocation for every account and household in your book of business are behind you. While customized allocations may be required for a portion of your book of business, improperly implemented mass customization leads to the lack of a disciplined, systematic approach to the investment management process. This style can lead to performance dispersion, neglected accounts, overdue rebalances, and inconsistent allocations for clients with the same risk profile. These discrepancies leave clients unhappy and firms’ compliance departments working overtime.

As an advisor, managing money has changed. Don’t be left behind.

Model Portfolio Providers

Astor Investment Management

Fidelity Investments


J.P. Morgan Portfolios



+ Advisor-Managed Models

GeoWealth’s Due Diligence Process and Capabilities

The portfolio management and research team at GeoWealth employs a rigorous and comprehensive due diligence process for third-party product evaluation and selection. Utilizing recognized best practices in the industry, both quantitative and qualitative, our multi-step proprietary approach allows us to provide objective guidance and recommendations with respect to evaluation of external investment strategies and vehicles.

The five pillars of our Performance Evaluation process feature:

1. Performance Measurement

2. Performance Attribution

3. Performance Appraisal

4. Manager Selection

5. Performance Presentation

The combination of our robust and comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analyses allows GeoWealth to successfully identify attractive long-term investment options in a given asset class. Our rigorous due diligence process tangibly facilitates efficient portfolio diversification and helps advisors maintain a high standard of investment decision-making.