Portfolio Solutions

GeoWealth’s TAMP allows for the seamless delivery of both advisor-managed and third-party model portfolios. GeoWealth’s investment technology provides firms with the tools they need to build compliant and scalable solutions while staying ahead of their clients’ unique needs.

Advisor-Managed Model Capabilities

Third-Party Model Marketplace


Outsourced Middle Office

Advisor-Managed Model Capabilities

Reduce your efforts on time-consuming rebalancing activities. Leverage GeoWealth’s trading team and expertise to manage your clients’ portfolios. Open-architecture platform supports the combination of multiple investment vehicles to create a custom model.

Advisor Technology

Save time and effort for more important tasks. GeoWealth helps you reduce your efforts on time-consuming rebalancing activities via our modern Service Center.

Portfolio Solutions

Leverage our experienced Trading Team and investment management expertise to manage your clients’ portfolios more effectively.

Service and Support

Open-architecture platform supports the combination of multiple investment vehicles to create a custom model, which you can manage via our platform.

Third-party Model Marketplace

The portfolio management and research team at GeoWealth employs a rigorous and comprehensive due diligence process for third-party product evaluation and selection. Utilizing recognized best practices in the industry, both quantitative and qualitative, our multi-step proprietary approach allows us to provide objective guidance and recommendations with respect to evaluation of external investment strategies and vehicles.

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Proposal Center

Client Profiling and Risk Scoring

Our risk-based questionnaire uses a proprietary algorithm to assess a client’s or prospect’s risk score. The questionnaire utilizes both demographic and behavioral science data points to arrive at an accurate risk profile, which corresponds to the most suitable asset allocation for any given investor.

Investment Proposals

Generate automated investment proposals comprised of multiple à la carte components, complete with summary stats calculated in real time. The risk questionnaire is included within the proposal and offers a repeatable and compliant method for documenting client risk and model selections.

Outsourced Middle Office

Turnkey Model Management

Our team of specialists rebalances allocations and strategies with efficient trade management and execution capabilities

Composite Performance Maintenance and Reporting

We make the complex simple by offering composite portfolio reporting

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