Portfolio Solutions

GeoWealth’s TAMP allows for the seamless delivery of both advisor-managed and third-party model portfolios, or a combination of the two. Our investment technology provides firms with the tools they need to build compliant and scalable solutions while staying ahead of their clients’ unique needs. 

Flexible support for your models-based practice:

Advisor-managed Models

Making your portfolios tech-enabled, with efficient rebalancing and management.

Model Marketplace

Access a broad marketplace of 700+ model portfolios from industry-leading asset managers.

Seamless investment support for your firm.

Advisor managed models

Using GeoWealth to manage your models helps you scale faster and reduces staffing costs.

We make your home office and advisor-directed models feel turnkey. Reduce your efforts on time-consuming rebalancing activities for your advisor-managed or home office models. Instead, leverage GeoWealth’s Investment and Trading Teams’ expertise to manage your clients’ portfolios, trading, and reporting. Our open-architecture platform supports the combination of multiple investment vehicles to create a custom model.

Tech-enabled Portfolios

Save time and effort for more important tasks. GeoWealth helps you reduce your efforts on time-consuming rebalancing activities via our modern Service Center.

Outsourced Trading

Leverage our experienced Trading Team and investment management expertise to manage your clients’ portfolios more effectively.

Sleeve / UMA Capability

Open-architecture platform supports the combination of multiple investment vehicles to create a custom model, which you can manage via our platform.

Our Model mArketplace

A broad menu of third-party investment models from asset managers.

GeoWealth’s model marketplace is designed to offer access, choice, and flexibility to investment advisors and Home Offices.

Our model marketplace features both brand name and boutique managers, offering both SMAs and UMAs. We offer model portfolios across a range of categories, objectives, risk profiles, vehicles, tax status, minimums and fees.

Model Marketplace Menu

Our expansive model marketplace menu is organized by asset manager, by asset class type, and by due diligence tier.

Broad Array of Categories

We offer more than 280 model suites from third-party managers, spanning the full breadth of investment categories, including individual equity and bond portfolios.

Marketplace by the Numbers

With more than 700 individual models from over 70 asset managers, investment advisors can choose from an expansive set of options.

Additional Investment Support:

Professional Trading 


Outsource your middle office to our team of professional traders and submit your trade requests via our Service Center. The rebalancing of allocations and strategies across both households and accounts are streamlined with efficient trade management and block execution capabilities.


Tax Management


GeoWealth’s tax-smart investing capabilities allow advisors to deliver automated, personalized tax transition services and ongoing tax loss harvesting at scale. Analyzing tax implications makes transitioning to GeoWealth easy, and helps with your year-end discussions.

Risk Scoring & Proposals


Clients can complete our questionnaire that uses demographic and behavioral science to derive their risk score and determine suitable asset allocations for any given risk profile. Next, advisors can generate a customized and branded investment proposal.

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