GeoWealth Portfolios

Disciplined, Systematic Investing

Asset Allocation Portfolios

Our philosophy is based on a commitment to the process of determining the optimal distribution of wealth across a wide spectrum of asset classes that are selected based on an investment objective, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We believe a well-diversified portfolio needs to have exposure to a wide variety of asset classes to enable stable returns over time and to diminish overall risk. Our dynamic asset allocation process blends robust quantitative tools with your unique circumstances to create an investment portfolio that addresses and meets a client’s specific needs and objectives. This process entails capturing your goals, risk aversion, income preferences, and liquidity needs before generating the optimal desired portfolio.

Equity Portfolios

Our equity strategies are designed to fill in the need or desire for exposure to a specific equity sub-asset class or be used together with ETFs to fulfill various equity mandates as prescribed by the strategic asset allocation. Their objective is to provide performance highly correlated with the underlying asset class and, at the same time, generate long-term excess return over it. GeoWealth carefully considers and analyzes hundreds of fundamental and technical factors and their impact on various equity segments. Strategies are formulated by selecting the optimal combination of such factors to produce portfolios of best-of-breed companies, closely adhering to the style and size of the underlying equity class.

Income Portfolios

GeoWealth offers strategic income generation models to address the needs of more passive or tax-sensitive investors. Clients with high liquidity needs, low risk tolerance, or a desire for consistent returns may be ideally suited for GeoWealth’s tactical income generation product: the Stable Return Model. This actively managed income generation product is based on a proprietary systematic model and invests largely in income-producing asset classes and is implemented via ETFs. Rebalanced monthly and very liquid, this product can also be part of an overall household portfolio with its low volatility and attractive stable return behavior.