Global X Portfolios

Global X: Beyond Ordinary ETFs

Seeking to provide access to high-quality and cost-efficient investment solutions, Global X is a New York-based sponsor of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Founded in 2008, Global X is distinguished by its Thematic Growth, Income and International ETFs and is recognized as a leader in providing unexplored and intelligent investment solutions for its shareholders. Global X provides you with the ability to offer your clients model portfolios representing three distinct investment strategies:

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Thematic Disruptors

Thematic ETFs tend to transcend classic sector, industry and geographic classifications, and sectors and themes can be selected and weighted in an effort to tilt towards higher growth opportunities via a structured approach that is constrained by traditional sector ETFs.

Core Series

Taking a fresh look at the standard Core Series approach (e.g. 60/40) by including Thematic ETFs with traditional equity ETFs and fixed income ETFs, this array of model portfolios offers your clients the opportunity to express their different beliefs in the disruption in traditional global sectors (e.g., materials, technology).

Equity Income

With a high-income focus, this model portfolio is constructed using income-paying ETFs, which can potentially be used to achieve greater levels of income. Additionally, Industry sector ETFs can be used to potentially reduce sector-concentration and risk associated with certain high-yield strategies.