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April 2024

Key April updates include the ability to enable multiple client portal log-ins per household, updates to the Reporting Center navigation, enhancements to digital account opening, and more.

March 2024

Launching new Fixed Income specialty reporting, the ability to ‘favorite’ models in the Model Center, enhanced custom search capabilities, and updated views for Billing. Click to see all updates:

Reporting Center

GeoWealth users now have access to the New Reporting Center! Simply navigate to the Reporting Center to see all the new reports and functionality. Click to see more detail:

January 2024

Announcing a new integration with Axos Advisor Services, Custom Workflows for Home Offices, account number masking, and more! Click to see all updates:

December 2023

Wrapping up the year with new Billing Settings functionality, plus improvements to the Service Center, Model Center, and Reporting Center. Click to see all updates:

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