JULY 2024

This Month’s New Features & Platform Updates from GeoWealth

3 Release Notes

Key July Enhancements

NEWGlobal Reports Quick Links

Reports that can be run at a Global Advisor or Firm level now have a quick link above the full list of Available Reports. These reports are still listed in the full grid allowing users to select them as a favorite or to easily see a sample of the report without having to scroll.

NEWUnaffiliated Cash Column in Contact Tab

Users can now select to add the Unaffiliated Cash column to grids by accessing the Customize Columns function in the Contact Tab.

NEWCustodial Feed from AssetMark Trust

We have completed an integration with AssetMark Trust and are now receiving daily custodian files including Transactions, Securities, Prices, Positions, and Open/Closed Tax Lots (Realized and Unrealized Gain/Loss). This aggregation-only integration allows advisors to view AssetMark Trust accounts as standard platform accounts supported by reporting, detailed performance history, billing, and historical transaction data. 

NOTE: Trading is not currently supported.

Reporting Center

New: Model Drift Excel Report

The Excel output of the Model Drift PDF report required some manipulation to fully utilize Excel functionality and did not include information that could help explain why drift occurred. The new Model Drift Excel-only report is fully functional in Excel. Users can elect to report UMA drift for sleeves within the UMA, positions within the UMA, or both. New columns are included to report weight and drift of a position within a sleeve in addition to the weight and drift of the position within the whole UMA. Trade hold, last rebalance date, off-platform sells, ticker restriction status, and other details are also reported.

New: Monthly Performance Summary Report

The legacy Custom Date to Date report included a concise by year performance summary table. This table was not available in the Reporting Center reports.

A new Monthly Performance Summary report is available that reports time weighted rate of return performance by month for each year in the selected time period.

Global Performance Review Additional Columns

Account Type, Client, Open Date, MTD performance, and Managed/Discretionary/Unaffiliated Cash Portfolio Value columns have been added to the Global Performance Review report to provide the data previously available in the Daily Firm Summary.

Consistent Column Order for All Excel Reports

Excel reports have been updated with default column order to enhance the clarity and usability of data. The new default column order is as follows: Advisor, Custodian, Household and Household-related columns, Client and Client-related columns, Account and Account-related columns (where applicable).

Bug Fix: Model Drift Default Cash Instrument

When an account had a default cash instrument other than what was used to create the model, a line item for both the target cash instrument and the cash instrument held in the account were reported with off-setting drifts. Model Drift will now report a single cash row for the target cash instrument in this case.

Bug Fix: Sleeve Performance Missing Pages

When the report target household held more than one UMA, only one was being reported. Sleeve performance for all UMAs in the household is now included in the report.

Service Center

Service Center Permission Per User

Prior to this enhancement, the Service Center could only be enabled/disabled on a per-firm basis with no capability to customize Service Request functionality for individual users. The Service Center can now be enabled on a per-user basis. This permission also allows for a “View-Only” Service Center configuration for any users that need to be restricted from submitting Service Requests.

NOTE: If you are interested in updating your firm’s Service Request configurations, please reach out to your Strategic Consultant.

Bug Fix: Population of Trading Service Request Tickets When Accounts Move Between Households

When accounts were transferred between Households, any Recurring Service Requests were not accessible in the Household-level queue of the new Household. This limitation has been resolved and all Recurring Service Requests will populate as expected in the new Household after the account transfer.

Bug Fix: Service Type Filtering in Service Center

Users were experiencing loading issues when using the Service Type filtering functionality in the Service Center. That issue has been resolved.

Advisor Portal

Save View Function Added to CRM Grids

The Save View functionality has been added to the CRM Grid, allowing users to save customized views for future use. The ability to save and set default views ensures a personalized and efficient data management experience that best suits their workflow.

International Phone Numbers for Clients Now Supported

Users can now enter international phone numbers in a client’s Details & Activity tab. This update will improve the flexibility and usability of our system for users who interact with clients globally.

Bug Fix: Country Default and State Field Accessibility

The country field was not defaulting to the U.S., and the state field was being greyed out, preventing user input. This issue has been fixed and users can input information as needed.

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