In Search of Better Tech: Why We Built GeoWealth

The 6 “Whys” Behind our Proprietary Platform

By Colin Falls

CEO, GeoWealth


Exploring the six benefits that advisors can tap into by partnering with a proprietary Turnkey Asset Management Platform.


Better to Build Than to Buy

At GeoWealth, we built our TAMP as a bridge spanning the worlds of technology and advisor services. When we went to market in 2018, offering advisors the next generation of turnkey asset management, we anticipated that advisors would want to spend more time with their clients and less time tending to middle- and back-office functions. We believed—and still believe—advisors could convert their newfound resources into a renewed vision of financial wellness for their clients, leveraging flexible UMA capabilities to match model portfolios with client goals.

Since our inception, our guiding principle is that advisors—and their clients—flourish and grow when they’re using technology that’s operated and improved by the same people who built it.

It may sound like a simple premise, but it’s surprisingly unique: advisors are often shocked to learn that many TAMP providers rent and repackage the solutions they pitch to advisors. There are times when the sum of parts creates an improved product, but there are other times when it just injects disorder. In the latter case, the result of such commingled tech solutions can be costly and cumbersome for advisors. The best in turnkey asset management is not an either/or proposition.

Advisors shouldn’t have to choose between technology and service. With GeoWealth, they get both.


We believe advisors—and their clients—flourish and grow when they’re using technology that’s operated and improved by the same people who built it.

Our 6 “Whys”

The driving reasons behind why we built the GeoWealth platform from the ground up, not taking the route of many other TAMPs and simply renting or repackaging other tech solutions.



As the designer and developer of our technology, we’re in the drivers seat. Many TAMPs can’t say the same.

A comprehensive, full-service TAMP should be the first, middle and last stop for investment management. Advisors are counting on their TAMP partner to provide a complete solution and unparalleled technological and investment support.

Our software developers, a group we call our Product Team, and our trading and operations staff, a group we call our Advisor Services Team, work closely together and stay in constant communication to bring new capabilities to market. We believe that proprietary, homegrown technology offers superior performance compared to what’s available from older legacy systems.

Unlike some other TAMPs, GeoWealth is the designer and developer of its own technology. We don’t simply rebundle or plug for-hire tools into our TAMP. We’re nimble. We obsess over improving our solutions, dedicating more than half of our staff to product and software development.

We listen to the advisors who use our platform and strive to build their suggestions into our roadmap. Our distinct, homegrown formula for success depends on supporting advisors as their needs change, and as markets evolve and trends shift.

Client Experience


No 1-800 numbers. No one-size-fits all training programs. We’re your partner to and through onboarding.

We believe in accessible technology. We believe that a TAMP provider should know its advisors, their clients and their business. That’s why, as a service-oriented TAMP, we provide advisors with a dedicated Relationship Manager.

Our vision of client service revolves around dedication and effort. It’s the only way we know.

By providing each of our customers with a direct link to our services, we’re showing advisors that they can always reach out to us, and that we’ll always listen. We want to ensure that all of our clients are getting as much advantage out of our platform as they can.



Our flexible pricing model is geared towards independent advisors, not broker dealers.

Fees are a major factor for advisors opting to partner with a TAMP provider. Advisors work hard to bring on more clients and offer a wider variety of services for their existing ones. They expect the same of the partners that they’re leveraging for growth and support.

We have a distinct advantage over our competitors because we build and service our own technology: we are more flexible. We are able to offer a tiered fee structure that can lower an advisor’s expenses as their AUM grows. The faster our advisor clients grow and add assets, the more efficient our service becomes.

TAMPs often riddle their offerings with fees and add-ons, leading to higher costs for end-clients and denting net returns. All too often, these fee-laden providers are simply passing on the costs they’re incurring from borrowing outside technology. In essence, advisors are paying for two (or more) service providers.

A TAMP that builds its own technology and works with its own asset management team not only provides a smooth, client-centric experience, it also reduces fees that would otherwise be pinned onto the advisor—and ultimately the client.

Flexibility & Scale


Helping you execute advisor-managed models, third-party models, or any combination in between.

The best TAMPs provide advisors with flexibility and a deep list of investment options. We support both third-party and advisor-created investment solutions and we’re strong believers in the power of open architecture.

The fact is, it’s hard for advisors to grow their business when they have to worry about the availability of the financial models or whether they can create their own recipes for success. That’s why we let financial professionals, not expense ratios and revenue sharing, determine the solutions that are available on our platform.

Financial advisors who have chosen to work with a legacy TAMP are often constrained by the provider’s aging infrastructure and take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Legacy platforms are frequently rigid, cumbersome and inflexible. They simply don’t meet the needs of modern financial professionals, who work in a dynamic, quickly evolving environment.

Advisors need a TAMP that’s creative, adaptable and resilient. As an advisor’s practice grows, their TAMP should grow along with it. At GeoWealth, we embrace advisors’ success and offer flexible, tiered pricing and services that reduce the need for middle- and back-office personnel.



We continually expand the list of firms with which we having trading and data connectivity.

When we set out to provide the industry with a reinvented TAMP, we knew it had to be service-integrated and built with a unified vision that met advisor needs, pre- and post-trade.

At GeoWealth, we empower advisors with clean, consistent data and reporting that informs and enlightens. Client metrics are elegant, concise and powerful.

We respect the work of advisors, which is why we equip them with the tools and resources they need to achieve growth and success. From the first lines of code to our most recent updates, our TAMP is designed to support advisors who want to operate their practices from a single portal.



We’re just getting started, but we’re built to last.

When advisors select a TAMP, they want a stable, reliable relationship for years to come. They expect their TAMP will continue investing in its solutions and proactively address changing market, technological and regulatory environments.

At GeoWealth, we believe that the key to longevity is constant improvement. Our software developers, trading teams and operations staff work closely together, sharing client suggestions for new capabilities and enhancements. We cherish feedback and find that the best ideas often come from the observations and insight of advisors.


The GeoWealth Difference

We built GeoWealth because advisors deserve the best. Other TAMPs offer trade offs, high fees and cumbersome technology. Here at GeoWealth, we provide advisors with proprietary technology and trading and operations support that’s faster, more responsive and cost-effective.

We are the next generation TAMP. We supply advisors with a diversified lineup of turnkey model portfolios from industry-leaders, without precluding advisor-managed models. Our solutions include flexible risk profiling, portfolio management, reconciliation, performance reporting and billing services. Our open-architecture platform is designed for investment advisors and institutional investors, driving advisor growth and success.

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Flexibility & Scale





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