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Meeting RIA Firms Wherever They Are

Advisors don’t fit into boxes, but the following are some characteristics that we see in firms that we serve. As the advisor driven tech enabled TAMP, we are to support firms of all sizes and stages and help them run their practice on their terms.



Typical Firm Structure

Advisor as CEO

A lead advisor or small partnership of advisors are responsible for operating the firm.


A professional C-Suite is responsible for operating the firm.



Oftentimes seeking additional support with custodial workflows and relationship management. 


Seeking a sub-advisory TAMP to support across multi-custodial platforms.


Investment Management Framework


Could be seeking concierge support for investment management consulting, proprietary models, or third-party manager recommendations.



Seeking additional support for an internal model program, a proprietary model program, or a custom and curated model marketplace menu.



Maintains a single office or regional presence.



Represented by offices and advisors all over the country.


Frequently Asked

Addressing the most common questions that we get from advisors and enterprises.

Does it matter what custodian I use?

GeoWealth has established data and trading connectivity with Charles Schwab, Fidelity, BNY Mellon Pershing, Goldman Sachs Custody Solutions, Axos Advisor Services, and Raymond James. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

What managers and models will I have access to?

GeoWealth’s platform allows for the seamless delivery of both advisor-managed and third-party model portfolios, or a combination of the two. We have flexibile Unified Managed Account (UMA) and sleeving functionality, allowing advisors to maintain cash and client-directed positions as distinct sleeves in the same account as other managed models. You can request the latest list of strategists and strategies here: Model Marketplace Request

What resources will support my firm?

All GeoWealth client firms are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will coordinate transitions, trainings, and ongoing consulting on best practices in leveraging the GeoWealth solution. Additionally, the Advisor Services team is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to provide immediate service to advisor inquiries. You can learn more here: Training & Support for Advisors

What are GeoWealth’s fees?

All GeoWealth contracts are custom to each firm we work with and terms are based firm characteristics and service needs.  GeoWealth’s fee can be pulled directly from client accounts or invoiced to the firm. Very often, tiered pricing with breakpoints are worked into GeoWealth contracts. You can request a custom pricing proposal here: Request Pricing Information

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