Independent RIAs

The trail blazing group that prioritized financial planning and pushed the whole industry towards fiduciary service. GeoWealth will help scale your operations and allow you more time to provide the world-class service that the industry needs.

How We Serve RIAs

Learn how we help RIAs scale faster and more efficiently. Read our eBook, Supercharging Your Growth with a TAMP, for client case studies & more 

Advisors in Transition

Whether leaving an Independent Broker-Dealer or a traditional “wirehouse,” these advisors are making major changes to deliver their clients the service they absolutely deserve. They are providing non-conflicted, fiduciary, RIA service.

GeoWealth provides the needed infrastructure, technology and support to get the your new RIA up and running on Day One. 

How We Serve Breakaways

We’ve compiled essential resources to guide you as you star your new RIA, covering best practices for custodians, legal, compliance, tech stack, investment management, and more. Click here to access our library of resources for advisors seeking independence.

Corporate RIAs

While Corporate RIAs may have IARs like a Broker-Dealer, that is where the similarities end. This group is fiduciary all the way, and doing so at scale.

GeoWealth will provide a private-labeled enterprise platform to manage an increasingly large and complex operation. We will make your growth easier. Period.

How We Serve Enterprises

Enterprise-level RIAs should highlight their proprietary investment management capabilities. Do you have the right partner supporting your model implementation efficiently and at scale? Learn how GeoWealth helps RIAs make their advisor-managed models feel turnkey.

Asset Managers

Asset managers see the trend too. RIAs are the present and the future. Legacy TAMPs, long focused on IBD home offices, have not leveraged growth in the RIA channel for their manager partners.

GeoWealth will provide turnkey access to your model portfolios to the RIA market and meet the extremely high standards RIAs demand – cutting edge technology, personal service, and competitive pricing.

How We Serve Asset Managers

Request our Model Marketplace to view the current list of diversified investment options, vetted by GeoWealth’s Investment Team.


Private-labeled TAMP for Home Offices

We can also offer a private-label TAMP to Corporate RIAs and Home Offices seeking to streamline investment management and standardize operations. Learn more here:


What is a Turnkey Asset Managment Platform, also known as a TAMP?

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