Case Study

Branded Investment Solutions for a Corporate RIA


This multi-billion dollar corporate RIA was looking to consolidate from multiple TAMPs available to their advisors to one flexible TAMP. In seeking a new platform, it was important that the TAMP could white-label and brand all aspects of the investment offering and help complement their proprietary model lineup.


This well-established Corporate RIA has $4 billion in AUM with 30 employees, including 6 dedicated investment professionals.

Using multiple TAMPs and technologies was causing friction and holding them back from reaching full scale, they needed to consolidate to one TAMP.

Pain Points

    Branding: The RIA knew that an immersive white-labeled experience would help reinforce their brand, but they did not have a way to provide branded portals to their advisors or their clients.

    Model Gaps: The model line-up that they offered to advisors was expansive, but they felt there were gaps and wanted support identifying those areas and finding appropriate strategies to supplement.

    Training: Advisor training had been lacking from their multiple TAMPs, so they wanted to move to a new single TAMP offering that offered hands-on support and provided training for advisors.

    Our Solutions

      Marketplace Completion: We created a complementary model line up models based on client AUM size, ensuring there are appropriate model options for clients of any size of risk appetite.

      Asset Manager Contracting: GeoWealth was able to contract with additional asset managers that the RIA was already invested in, meaning their transition was more seamless.

      Model Distribution: The RIA’s proprietary investment models were added to GeoWealth Marketplace and made available to any firm to access.

      The Outcome

      Transitioning from multiple TAMPs to GeoWealth as their provider means streamlined outcomes and a branded ecosystem.

      Branded Investment Solutions: GeoWealth was able to help the RIA streamline operations and standardize investment offerings available to their advisors via both a branded  model marketplace and branded UMAs.

      Model Flows: Plus, the RIA gained greater distribution for their proprietary investment models to help drive flows and raise brand awareness while they recruit additional advisors.

      Dedicated Partner: Advisors now have hands-on training from their TAMP to and through onboarding, bolstered by day-to-day support as questions arise. Plus, they now have white-labeled training documents and videos.

      By outsourcing to a TAMP, this RIA was able to provide their advisors with more tailored support without having to make any additional hires.

      This case study is provided for illustrative purposes only and is meant to provide an example of GeoWealth’s process and methodology. There can be no assurance that GeoWealth will be able to achieve similar results in comparable situations. No portion of this case study is to be interpreted as a testimonial or endorsement of GeoWealth’s investment advisory services.

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