Moving from an Expensive, Outdated TAMP


This independent RIA was growing quickly, but their TAMP couldn’t keep up with their demands, plus it was too expensive. By switching to GeoWealth, this RIA was able to save over $150,000 per year, which it could then reinvest in growing and marketing the firm.


Independent RIA with $50 million in AUM growing by roughly $10 million year-over-year while outsourcing 100% of model management.

Traditional Insurance Advisor who has increasingly focused on providing advice on clients’ investment needs over the last few years.

Pain Points

    Cost: The TAMP they were using was very expensive because it licensed technology from another provider to power its platform.

    Rigidity: The TAMP was not open architecture and had a select menu of proprietary models.

    Contracting: Sub-advisory relationships were not allowed by the TAMP, so the RIA had to become an IAR of the TAMP home office.

    Reporting & Collateral: The TAMP did not provide any client facing portfolio reporting, model collateral, or fact sheets.

    Our Solutions

      Cost-savings: GeoWealth provides TAMP sub-advisory services at more than 50% cost savings due to our ownership of the technology powering our platform.

      Models with Collateral: GeoWealth offers a broader model marketplace menu to accommodate the unique needs of this RIA’s client base. We also provide a robust suite of client-facing research and collateral for the models and managers on our platform.

      UMA Reporting: GeoWealth provides sleeve level portfolio reporting accessible via a Unified Managed Account (UMA) structure.

      The Outcome

      By switching to GeoWealth, the Independent RIA is able to save over $150,000 annually on TAMP services. This cost savings is used to reduce client advisor fees and to invest in additional marketing and prospecting tools, which allows the RIA to further scale their practice.

      By accessing GeoWealth’s technology, model marketplace, and back office, this RIA was able to save 50% on their annual tech stack costs.

      This case study is provided for illustrative purposes only and is meant to provide an example of GeoWealth’s process and methodology. There can be no assurance that GeoWealth will be able to achieve similar results in comparable situations. No portion of this case study is to be interpreted as a testimonial or endorsement of GeoWealth’s investment advisory services.

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